Welcome to Mamaleón: the first family concierge of the capital!
Mamaleón born from the idea and the synthesis of 2 sisters (… mothers of 4 girls) who in their lives, for family needs, have done 23 transfers around Italy and the world and have found the way to turn these continuous movements into an opportunity.
Mamaleón is a network of services for foreign families (and not!) who move to live in Rome: it is the first resource they need, their family concierge.
Mamaleón is useful to receive support, solutions, tips, secrets, knowledge and free contacts to integrate into the life of the capital in an organized, strategic and above all … funny way !!!
The key word of Mamaleón is: “word of mouth”!
Rome is an eternal city …  as much as its chaoticness: one can choose whether to dominate it or be overwhelmed by it. Any very simple activity can turn into a titanic enterprise if you do not have the right information and … the right spirit to face it!
For this reason, Mamaleón welcomes foreign families with organization, flexibility and valuable advice … from mothers to mothers: those are the ingredients you need as soon as you arrive in a new city and you want to adapt, finding in a short time the most beautiful home for your family, the right school for your children and the most interesting contacts to lead a peaceful and stimulating daily life.

Mamaleón collaborates with many professionals ready to give you free advice or to offer you their services for:

  •  Families relocation
  • Bureaucratic procedures;
  • Procedures for auto vehicles;
  • Real estate services;
  • Translations;
  • Design and management of cultural events and support to creative ideas;
  • Organization and / or advice for events;
  • Organization and / or advice for children parties (from A to Z);
  • Advice on restaurants, exhibitions and guided tours of the city;
  • Tips and organization of family weekend;
  • Shopping groups;
  • Personal Shopper
  • Discounts in many shops!… or just a coffee with new friends! 

 .. or just a coffee with new friends!

Mamaleón collects needs and dispenses quick and fun solutions.
Rome, so big, can welcome or marginalize you. Mamaleón welcomes new families by opening a different door to the city: the door of exchange, sharing, aggregation, inclusion and sociability.
That’s how we lived all our transfers!
If you want to have a coffee with us, contact us!
Laura and Francesca
Tel: 393.8094945 – 3392587425